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    Industry-leading olefins scheduling solution that provides agility to meet market demands profitably


    Aspen Olefins Scheduler enables companies to optimally schedule from the feedstock tanks through the production processes and to product distribution - taking into account continually changing feedstock prices, current feedstock inventories, and operational constraints.

    The real-time visibility provided by Aspen Olefins Scheduler helps olefins producers manage and process feedstocks in the most profitable manner, providing a solid competitive advantage. Companies deploying Aspen Olefins Scheduler are able to generate bottom-line benefits ranging from $3-$10MM per year-with payback in months instead of years. Aspen Olefins Scheduler is a core element of AspenTech’s aspenONE® Supply Chain applications.


    • Scheduling Approaches and Automation: Incorporates three typical approaches to scheduling: simulation, linear programming and expert systems. Offers ability to include custom logic calculations using built-in logic authoring capability or Microsoft® tools.
    • Interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI): Employs an easy to use graphical interface for building and maintaining a graphical representation of the olefins infrastructure. GUI components such as the Model Tree, Flowsheet Simulator and Event Interface support ease of use and facilitate changes in the model as operations dictate.
    • Multi-User Collaborative Scheduling: Allows multiple users to work simultaneously on activities. Users share the same view of the olefins schedule, which improves coordination between schedulers and with other departments. Changes to the schedule are managed and automatic updates are provided to all users.
    • Integrated Planning and Scheduling: It can be used with Aspen PIMS to tightly integrate planning and scheduling.
    • Reporting & Solution Analysis Tools: Includes built-in reports and Microsoft Excel-based reports. Create and compare multiple cases that represent different operations of the olefins facility.


    • Standardized Work Processes: Provides a common model environment that leverages common data and models across the different business owners enables best-practices and knowledge capture. Delivers shared high-fidelity models in planning, scheduling, and analysis.
    • Visibility: On-demand collection and visualization of real-time data, information and plans. Collaboratively evaluating scenarios, balancing conflicting KPIs to develop optimal and executable plans.
    • Event-based Scheduling: Accurately modeling feedstock qualities, taking into account the true manufacturing complexity and variability. Properly reflect the sequence of events in the schedule. Provides compatibility between longer term (30-60 days) and shorter term scheduling (1-7 days).
    • Coordinated Scheduling: Helps companies increase throughput and reduce inventories and demurrage. Improves evaluation of special opportunities and allows quicker response to changes in market, logistics and manufacturing. Reduces the gap between planning and scheduling.
    • Multi-User Collaboration: Streamlines the business processes that can be easily replicated within and across olefins facilities. Provides a fast response to issues and opportunities with automated updates for all users. Facilitates knowledge capture from experienced schedulers that can be easily shared with new staff.
    • Improved Work Processes: Increases productivity by automating (fully or semi) both routine and complicated decision tasks that schedulers are faced with on a daily basis. “What-if” scenario analysis helps schedulers determine the best schedule given potentially changing operating parameters and prices.
    • Sustained Value: Achieved through common process models, consistent model validation and calibration methods, and custom reporting. Reconciling plan versus actual performance gap on a daily basis.


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