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  • Aspen HYSYS® for E&P and Midstream

    Conceptual design and performance improvement of processes for E&P and Midstream

    Solutions for gas processing of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons including shale gas


    Aspen HYSYS is a market-leading process modeling tool for conceptual design, optimization, business planning, asset management, and performance monitoring for oil & gas production, gas processing, petroleum refining, and air separation industries. Aspen HYSYS is a core element of AspenTech's aspenONE® Engineering applications.


    • Efficient and optimum engineering of gathering networks, pipelines and separation facilities from conceptual design to basic engineering and project handover
    • Monitoring of assets for optimal performance and operational decision support
    • Improved design and performance of:
      • Compression system
      • Pipeline hydraulics including hydrate formation and inhibition
      • Gas sweetening
      • Gas dehydration
      • Refrigeration and separation trains (demethanizer, deethanizer, heavier components, and natural gas liquids) 
    • Reliable flow assurance through integrated pipeline hydraulics and facilities engineering
    • Improved safety and reliability of assets through better designs and operations
    • Better energy efficiency and environmental performance through monitoring, reduction and reporting of emissions
    • Accurate relief load analysis and flare system design through dynamic modeling


    • Easy to use and easy to train. Aspen HYSYS has established itself as a very intuitive and easy to use process simulator in the oil & gas and refining industry. Users with little prior knowledge of Aspen HYSYS can pick up and train themselves in its modeling capabilities. Some of the very intuitive capabilities include a highly interactive process flow diagram for building and navigating through large simulations. The program also provides a very flexible and easy to use distillation column modeling environment. Additionally the interactive nature of HYSYS enables users to build and use their models quickly and effectively. RSS feeds and online training provide efficient access to information that enhances user experience and shortens the learning curve.
    • Best-in-class physical properties methods and data: Aspen HYSYS offers a comprehensive thermodynamics foundation for accurate calculation of physical properties, transport properties, and phase behavior for the oil & gas and gas processing industries. V7 and newer versions of HYSYS have almost doubled in its capabilities on physical properties. These versions can perform very accurate calculations of natural gas, LNG, hydrate, CO2 freeze-out and dehydration calculations. Additionally electrolyte calculations such as sour water stripping and amine systems can be done with ease. The heavy end oil methods in refining are also the state of the art.
    • “Rate-based Column” operation: Enables a rate-based distillation column to be executed downstream/upstream of other Aspen HYSYS unit operations. 
    • Aspen HYSYS introduced the novel approach of steady state and dynamic simulations in the same platform. By thus bringing steady state and dynamic simulations together in a single user-friendly environment, HYSYS revolutionized simulation. It has became the defacto standard in industry, and today enjoys universal acceptance with small consultants, large E&Cs, and owner/operators in the area of dynamic simulation.
    • The program provides state of the art pipeline network and pressure drop analysis capabilities in both steady state and transient flow. Aspen HYSYS Upstream™ provides the E&P and Midstream industries with standard methods and techniques for handling petroleum fluids and brings together the disciplines of petroleum and process engineering. In addition, AspenTech supports links to 3rd party pipeline network and well models technology (OLGA and PIPESYS, PIPESIM and GAP) from SPT, Schlumberger
      and Petroleum Experts, respectively.
    • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Calculations let process engineers estimate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with a process and check the capture efficiency of various chemical and physical solvents. Process engineers can evaluate the “carbon equivalents” (CO2e) generated by the process to improve design decisions, and a system property can be used to calculate the “loading” of acid gases (CO2 and H2S) within pure or mixed solvents.
    • Efficient workflow for process design, equipment sizing, and preliminary cost estimation within one environment through integration with other aspenONE Engineering tools including Aspen Process Economic Analyzer cost modeling software, Aspen EDR heat exchanger design tools, Aspen Flare System Analyzer, and Aspen Energy Analyzer to perform optimal heat exchanger network design and pinch analysis.
    • Online deployment of models as part of an operator advisory system for better model-based decision support. The built-in advanced sequential quadratic program (SQP) algorithm for optimization enables offline and online optimization of designs and operating performance.
    • Workflow automation: Aspen HYSYS models can be linked to Microsoft Excel® using Aspen Simulation Workbook or Visual Basic® and used to automate the engineering workflow and deploy the model to a wider range of end-users in the field.
    • Links to third-party tools: Aspen HYSYS includes links to several well-known tools including OLI’s aqueous and mixed-solvent (MSE) electrolyte packages, amines packages, PVT and Black Oil thermodynamics. Aspen HYSYS Amines™ simulates and optimizes gas and liquid sweetening processes involving single or blended amines. An advanced thermodynamic Li-Mather electrolyte model achieves more reliable results than empirical models, especially for blended amines.
    • ActiveX (OLE automation) compliance permits the integration of user-created unit operations, proprietary reaction kinetic expressions, and specialized property packages.

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