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    AspenTech has been involved in the definition of the CAPE-OPEN standard from the beginning and continues to work actively with the CO-LaN (CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network) organization which now maintains the standard. AspenTech is an Associate Member of CO-LaN.

    AspenTech supports the CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation and Thermodynamics standards in its flagship simulation products Aspen Plus V8 and Aspen HYSYS V8. The CAPE-OPEN standard makes it possible to develop Unit Operations and Thermodynamics Packages that can be used by these AspenTech simulation products and by any other CAPE-OPEN compliant Simulation tool. AspenTech has developed Wizard-style tools to help develop these types of software component more efficiently and both tools are available for download from this page.

    The CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network Website:

    Use the CAPE-OPEN Thermo Wizard downloadable from to create CAPE-OPEN compliant Thermodynamic Packages.

    Product Highlights:

    Aspen Properties V8 CAPE-OPEN Version 1.0 Interfaces Support

    • CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamics Socket
      • Allows CAPE-OPEN Property Packages to be used to provide property calculations in Aspen Properties runs.
    • CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamics Plug
      • Allows an Aspen Properties calculation to be used as a CAPE-OPEN Property Package by other applications.
    • Standard chemical component mixtures are supported
    • Electrolytes, petroleum assays, solids are excluded

    Aspen HYSYS V8 CAPE-OPEN version 1.1 Interfaces Support

    • CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamics Plug
      • Allows a COMThermo .ctf file to be used as a CAPE-OPEN Property Package by other applications.

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