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    AspenTech is helping to deliver the power of component software and open standard interfaces in computer-aided process engineering.

    Specific Interfaces: 

    Benefits of Open Standards

    Promoting open interfaces to our software tools results in a number of important benefits to industry:

    • Elimination of inefficient and error- prone manual data transfer
    • Efficient re-use of customized modelling components
    • Encapsulation of difficult legacy in-house software within standard components
    • Inclusion of company-proprietary thermodynamics, process models and process knowledge while keeping corporate best practices confidential
    • Reduction of software maintenance and training costs
    • More readily available niche expertise from researchers and specialist companies
    • Industry pervasive delivery vehicle for 3rd-parties - low cost access to the market.

    These benefits will lead to the availability of more robust and comprehensive process simulation and modelling solutions incorporating the intellectual property of licensors, equipment vendors, research organizations, and specialized suppliers. Necessary for future growth in the face of shrinking product margins, better modelling will enable the process industries to not only reach new quality and productivity levels, but also make better business decisions:

    • Reducing operating costs
    • Better managing capital expense
    • Compressing time to market
    • Achieving higher return on capital employed
    • Improving business predictability

    AspenTech is helping to deliver the power of component software and open standard interfaces in computer-aided process engineering.

    Open Interfaces Philosophy

    Standardized Open Interfaces are one of AspenTech's four Core Objectives for its Engineering Software Business:

    • Provide a user friendly Aspen Engineering Suite across Process Industries enabling Process Asset Lifecycle Management
    • Accelerate the delivery of innovative and new simulation and modelling capabilities
    • Leverage and protect customer investments
    • Promote Open Standards

    Why are open interface standards so fundamentally important to us?

    Process Simulation and Modelling tools are essential for getting process designs and products quickly to market. Although we feel that the technical breadth of our technology is unsurpassed in the process simulation and modelling business, the process industries remain extraordinarily complex. No one software vendor, asset owner, licensor, engineering company or academic has all the answers.

    Our open process simulation software standards are designed to allow seamless communication between various pieces of software from different sources. By employing our open simulation tools as the backbone, it is possible to assemble customized computational tools with a minimum of effort.

    Not only do our open standards enable lower-cost simulation due to ease of re-use of simulation and modelling components, they will also drive innovation across the process industries. Novel and new solutions to previously unsolvable problems will be realized through increased plug-and-play simulation interoperability, rapid integration of new ideas, and proliferation of 3rd party technology developers.

    We believe that we can impact the process engineering software industry in a most profound way. True to AspenTech's Core Objectives, and critical to your business success, our goal is to become the standard in process asset lifecycle management throughout the process industry's engineering, production operations, and business lifecycles.


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