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  • Updated on February 11, 2016
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  • Matthew V. Veazey, DownstreamToday

Downstream Today - Predicting 2016 for the Downstream in 11 (Actually 12) Words

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Aside from an ability to achieve great success in their respective fields, the Danish Nobel Prize-winning physicist Niels Bohr and the legendary U.S. baseball player and manager Yogi Berra may have had little in common. However, both seem to have been on very similar wavelengths when assessing the subject of prediction. According to Bohr, prediction “is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.” In a similar vein, Berra observed, ‘It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

DownstreamToday asks a global panel of experts to consult their proverbial crystal balls for a glimpse into what the New Year holds.

As Bohr and Berra noted, trying to forecast future events is no easy task. Yet numerous media outlets are devoting space these days to offering predictions of what may happen in the New Year. Why? Reading such articles can be a fun – and, dare I say, much-anticipated – annual exercise for readers. Moreover, it can put current industry trends into context and offer educated guesses about the outcomes of these trends.

DownstreamToday is participating in this annual media ritual, but with a twist. I’ve asked several prominent figures in the refining, petrochemicals, pipeline, LNG and related sectors to summarize their expectations in one word. They subsequently explained their choices in a paragraph or two, but I believe that the string of 11 – actually 12 – key words below provides an interesting outline of what to be on the lookout for in the downstream oil and gas industry in 2016. Some sources even appear to be, like Bohr and Berra, on similar wavelengths. So, without further ado, enjoy our panel of visionaries’ outlook for the next 12 months!

Download the PDF below to read the rest of this article from DownstreamToday, including AspenTech E&C Industry Marketing Director Ron Beck's own prediction for 2016.

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