Leverage real-time data to optimize production, lower costs, maximize recovery, and improve product quality
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    Use real-time data to optimize production, lower costs, maximize recovery, and improve energy management

    In order to maximize revenues and increase profitability, mining organizations require visibility into real-time operational performance information, as well as flexibility to communicate between the multiple departments operating across the mine production value chain.
    Our solutions allow Metals and Mining organizations to save millions of dollars by reducing production and energy costs while increasing throughput, resulting in improved operational performance. 

    AspenTech’s key solutions for Metals and Mining include:

    Production Management & Execution: Using a data historian to monitor operational performance in real-time enables organizations to increase operational efficiency and improve product quality:

    Energy Management: Volatile energy costs, emissions constraints, and GHG publicity mean that energy management initiatives are now top priority:

    • Aspen Utilities Operations: Optimize the complexity of batch demand variability, swinging power and steam demands and multiple fuel types. 

    Advanced Process Control: Advanced process control allows organizations reduce their energy footprint and improve efficiency of mineral processing operations:

    • Aspen DMCplus®: Manage processes at their optimal operating point for linear and non-linear control problems.

    Engineering: Model and manage infrastructure changes to increase efficiency and yield, reduce energy consumption, increase maintainability and reliability and conform to increasing regulatory scrutiny:

    • Aspen Plus®: A market-leading process modeling tool for conceptual design, optimization, and performance monitoring
    • Aspen Basic Engineering: Deliver engineering packages faster and with fewer resources, promote agility, and integrate global design teams
    • Aspen Custom Modeler: Create rigorous models and to apply them to simulate and optimize continuous, batch, and semi-batch processes
    • Aspen Capital Cost Estimator: Use throughout the estimating lifecycle to generate conceptual and detailed estimates

    Identify your top challenges and solve them. AspenTech brings industry-leading technology together with a global partner network and cross-industry best practices to deliver proven solutions to overcome these challenges and more.

    For more information, contact MMM@aspentech.com.


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