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    Get an Insider's View of Asset Performance.

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    Prescriptive asset monitoring like you've never see before.

    Using Aspen Asset AnalyticsTM for distillation, get an advanced notice of events, such as flooding and weeping, and guidance on how to avoid them.

    Get to the heart of the matter with Aspen Root Cause Analytic.

    Aspen Asset Analytics uses advanced data mining and pattern recognition techniques to analyze plant operations in real time to identify causal precursors that can lead to an unplanned downtime event.
    Pattern Discovery A

    A pattern of questionable behavior.

    Problems have signatures and Aspen Pattern Matching is the handwriting expert.
    Find good and bad practices and everything in between. Aspen Pattern Matching allows you to leverage your process history to improve operations and quickly configure alerts for problem signatures detected in real-time data.

    What's your superpower?

    See the hidden dangers lurking inside.
    Aspen Asset Analytics is like having x-ray vision, helping you gain a picture-perfect understanding of what's going on inside an asset.

    Ensemble modeling at its finest.

    We're delivering the capability to blend different models together, such as rigorous, empirical, statistical and procedural, to create a complete view of the asset and its performance.

    A history of innovation and collaboration.

    For over 35 years, AspenTech has worked to create value through our design and operations solutions. Let's keep it going. We're now working on an environment for creating and conditioning ensemble models for future asset analytics. Care to join us?
    What Customers are Saying
    “AspenTech’s new Asset Analytics contains a unique set of modeling and data science-based technologies. Utilizing the additional process insight available from this promising new software solution brings with it the potential to operate closer to the true flooding limit on this tower. For a world scale olefins unit, this would be worth millions of dollars per year.” — LyondellBasell
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