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    Asset Performance Management software addresses the problems that can't be solved by current maintenance and asset management solutions, such as process-induced downtime. Using a combination of machine learning, data science and the world's best process modeling, we're delivering predictive and prescriptive solutions that make unplanned downtime a thing of the past.

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    A new maintenance system won't fix this.

    It might be easy to peg something as a maintenance issue, but up to 80 percent of unplanned downtime comes from process degradation that leads to asset degradation.

    All the optimization in the world won’t matter if the asset is down.

    Get to the source of unplanned downtime.
    The process affects the asset. The asset affects the process. Both impact the system as a whole. Do you have the information to make the right trade-offs?

    By the time the competition sees the problem, the damage is done.

    Early warning, no false positives, self maintaining.
    With Aspen Mtell®  you get an early warning of when an asset will break, how it will break and what to do about it.

    Keep your facts straight, know your risks and their impact.

    With Aspen Fidelis ReliabilityTM, you get an ordered priority of problems based on their risks and costs.

    Get deeper insights into asset operations.

    Aspen Asset Analytics delivers prescriptive guidance to avoid trouble.
    You need to see trouble coming from far away. With Aspen Asset AnalyticsTM, you get the insights and guidance to avoid unplanned downtime.

    Aspen Root Cause Analytic for rapid problem diagnostics.

    Process degradation leads to asset degradation. Aspen Root Cause Analytic pinpoints the source of degraded performance so you can spend less time searching and more time improving.

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