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    Automatically identify poorly performing aspects of your APC model.

    Model Quality Analysis detects performance issues with APC models and pinpoints the areas of the model needing attention.


    APC On-Line Model Adaptation APC V8 Sm

    Maintain robust controller behavior during background step testing.

    With Adaptive Process Control, you can collect data suitable for modeling using small amplitude testing while still maintaining optimizing control.  
    Updated Data Sliced Small

    Remove bad data automatically with ‘best engineer’ judgment.

    A Test Agent monitors for issues like valve saturation, PID mode changes; process upset detection, and bad measurement readings. This includes deeper cascades or closed level controllers that may not be visible to the Aspen DMCplus controller.

    Built in co-Linearity Detect Repair V8 Sm

    Detect and repair co-linearity with a click.

    The completely re-engineered APC Model Builder makes dealing with co-linearity as straight-forward as clicking a mouse.
    What Customers are Saying
    "The technology works. We achieved the objective of obtaining quality data without unduly disturbing the process or sacrificing economic objectives. The operators hardly noticed a step test was going on.”
    Jack Adair, Advanced Process Control Engineer, Valero Corporation

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