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  • Measure Product Quality without Costly Lab Analysis.

    Reduce off-spec product and ensure faster, more reliable quality measurements with Aspen Inferential Qualities. Now you can implement on-line linear or non-linear inferential sensors that provide real-time estimates of unmeasured properties while reducing expensive, time-consuming lab work.

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    Aspen IQ makes online implementation and monitoring of inferential sensors straightforward and trouble-free yielding quality measurements and models.

    Deploy and integrate easily.

    Inferential sensors are fundamental elements of many advanced process control systems. Aspen Inferential Qualities makes online implementation and remote monitoring straightforward and trouble-free.
    Aspen Inferential Qualities offers a wide array of rich model types to develop accurate inferential estimations to build reliable models.

    Select from a rich set of model types.

    Develop accurate inferentials from a wide array of model types including Linear PLS, Fuzzy PLS, Hybrid Neural Net (HNN), Linearized Rigorous Models, and Algebraic and Finite Impulse Response (FIR) models.
    Aspen IQ’s inferential measurements improve input information to the controller and reduce your reliance on costly laboratory analysis.

    Improve control with feedback between lab samples.

    Augment costly or infrequent lab analysis with continuous prediction of key process variables. Infential measurements improve input information to the controller and reduce your reliance on laboratory analysis.
    AspenTech’s Aspen Inferential Qualities solution requires no programming, no nested code, no hidden routines, and no maintenance nightmares.

    Simplify usability with zero-code configuration.

    Valuable information is often lost in translation between those that configure code and those that operate processes. The AspenTech solution requires no programing, no nested code, no hidden routines, no maintenance nightmares.

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