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  • Manage Oil Movements, Orders and Tanks.

    Monitor and manage oil movements, tanks, nominations and shipping information in one location with Aspen Tank and Operations Manager software to ensure optimal production execution.

    Aspen Tank and Operations Manager
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    Manage Orders thumbnail

    Manage orders.

    The solution makes it fast and easy to create and modify multiple and configurable types of orders. Associate movements, operations, events and qualities into an aggregate structure, enabling you to track full operations in real-time and automatically update the order lifecycle accordingly.
    Monitor movements thumbnail

    Monitor tanks and movements automatically.

    Collect tank levels and qualities in real-time and calculate gross volume using tank strapping tables. Compensate gross volume to standard conditions based on API standards for crude and finished products, and automatically generate movement transactions for the day and for tank inventory.
    Alert operators thumbnail

    Alert operators of key events.

    Out-of-the-box alarming capabilities alert you of key events such as: gauges are stuck, 90% of movement completion has been reached, or tanks are in double movement, allowing you to take proactive action and avoid costly issues.
    Integrate thumbnail

    Integrate for a complete solution.

    Seamlessly send movement data to AspenTech’s data reconciliation and yield accounting solution. Integrate further with AspenTech’s scheduling solution to import orders as received and in turn provide accurate daily movement information for updating the schedule at the start of each day.

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