Supply Chain Optimization – Improved Forecast Accuracy I Aspen Collaborative Demand Manager
  • Directly Impact Refinery Margins and Cost to Supply.

    Aspen Collaborative Demand Manager™ boasts a rich and engaging user experience that provides the information granularity you need to manage the different forecasting requirements of your retail, diesel, and aviation businesses. See for yourself!

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    Manage extreme day-of-week demand differences.

    Manage extreme day-of-week demand differences.

    Energy companies have typical supply chain networks that must service hundreds of retail, wholesale, and aviation customers. Unlike solutions built for other industries, Aspen Collaborative Demand Manager is designed to forecast with daily granularity, and manages the differences in demand between different days of the week and holidays.
    Reduce product downgrading with Aspen CDM.

    Reduce product downgrading.

    Product downgrading might be a symptom of poor forecasting. The more accurate your forecast, the better your planning and scheduling processes are able to satisfy customer demand without product quality giveaway. Maximize refinery profitability with the superior data conditioning capabilities found in Aspen Collaborative Demand Manager.
    Collaborative Demand Manager petroleum COV analysis.

    Know what is forecastable - and what is not.

    Does your retail business have steady, ratable demand, but aviation nominations are difficult to predict?  Use the power of Coefficient of Variance (COV) analysis to pinpoint weakness in your petroleum supply chain forecast and focus your demand planning efforts.

    CDM for petroleum forecast accuracy.

    Improve forecast accuracy.

    The completely redesigned and modernized version of Collaborative Forecasting allows for systematic, web-based collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. Improvements in forecast accuracy lead to fewer distress sales due to over-forecasting, less emergency transport requirements, and better input to crude acquisition decisions. For existing customer of Collaborative Forecasting, this newly redesigned version uses Apache Tomcat instead of Oracle WebLogic.

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