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  • Introducing BLOWDOWNTM Technology in Aspen HYSYS®

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    BLOWDOWN Technology

    Revolutionize your BLOWDOWN Analysis

    BLOWDOWN, the industry’s proven depressurization technology developed by Doctor Graham Saville and Professor Stephen Richardson, is now available in Aspen HYSYS! With this depressurization tool you can design an orifice for pool fire scenarios, select materials of construction for cold case systems and assess risk to the facility based on peak pressures reached in the system during overpressure.
    Staggered blowdown staged blowdown analysis HYSYS

    Save Flare Header Costs with Staggered Analysis

    Staggered Analysis is now available in V10 with a rigorous mode that considers line packing effects. More accurately validate disposal system adequacy and determine the best opening sequences for blowdown valves that discharge to the same disposal system. Save costs by avoiding overdesigns or replacements to accommodate greater capacities.
    BLOWDOWN Analysis

    Have Confidence in a Tool with Validated Technology

    BLOWDOWN Technology has been validated by plant and lab data with continuous improvements to the engine over the past 30 years.  This technology has been used on hundreds of projects and is now available in your favorite simulator.
    Depressure Process Safety

    Ensure Safety through Unmatched Accuracy

    With BLOWDOWN Technology in Aspen HYSYS, you are well-equipped with unparalleled accuracy powered by the technology’s groundbreaking thermodynamic property package.  Properties within BLOWDOWN Technology are not only validated through experiments, but will provide you with accurate orifice sizes and system temperatures during cold case depressurization.
    Depressurization Software

    Save Money without Compromising Safety

    Easily determine the necessary materials of construction for cold case depressurization. BLOWDOWN Technology allows you to take a unit-by-unit look at the equipment in your system to help pinpoint temperature concerns and reduce over conservative cost assumptions associated with bundling equipment into one system.


    Remove Time Barriers

    By pairing BLOWDOWN Technology within the familiar Aspen HYSYS simulator, you get an interface you’re comfortable with to complete depressurization projects with minimized learning curves, resulting in greater speed and ease.
    Depressurization Analysis

    A Faster, Easier Way to View Results

    You are now able to not only set up and run your BLOWDOWN analysis, but more importantly view results with clear and informative visuals through preconfigured graphs and reports.

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