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  • Conquer the Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU).

    Predict sulfur emissions, maintain reliable operations and adhere to regulations by modeling the full gas plant with Sulsim™ Sulfur Recovery in Aspen HYSYS®

    Sulsim Sulfur Recovery Claus Process Simulation
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    Sulsim Sulfur Recovery Modeling 1

    Model the Full Gas Plant with Aspen HYSYS

    With technology acquired from Sulphur Experts, gas processors and refiners can now optimize their entire gas plant, including acid gas cleaning, sulfur recovery and tail gas treating all together. More efficiently optimize the entire plant and evaluate strategic studies, feed changes and process configuration changes.
    Claus Plant Modeling Sulsim Emissions

    Comply with Environmental Standards

    Achieve peace of mind with a trusted solution used for over 25 years by top energy companies for rigorous sulfur recovery modeling. Predict sulfur emissions, optimize sulfur recovery and generate reports for performance monitoring.
    Sulsim Sulfur Recovery Simulation Reliable Operations

    Ensure Reliable Operations

     Don’t risk SRU turnaround or shutdown. Prevent disruptions due blockages in equipment or emission violations by optimizing the performance of the unit, managing feedstock changes, understanding limitations of the plant, and predicting catalyst degradation.


    Claus process modeling Sulsim

    Minimize SRU Costs

    Whether you’re operating or revamping an existing plant or designing a new one, use SRU modeling to discover the most operating cost savings. Optimize conditions and energy while ensuring your sulfur removal needs are met.
    SRU Configuration Claus Process Model

    Find the Best Plant Configuration

     Use the flexibility of Sulsim to design fit-for-purpose plants by selecting the right SRU to meet demands. Consider multiple catalyst types and simulate various SRUs with 26 unit operations including furnace, reactors, incinerators, and more.


    New Sulsim Sulfur Recovery Modeling

    V9: New furnace models, catalysts, and SO2 absorber

    Familiar with Sulphur Expert’s Sulsim? Aspen HYSYS includes features not implemented in the most recently available Sulsim 7,  including incinerator kinetic correlations, the Titania catalyst model for a catalytic converter, five new empirical reaction furnace models, and an SO2 absorber model.


    Sulsim Degasser Sulfur Sulphur Recovery

    V10: New degasser model

    With the addition of the degasser model, Aspen HYSYS V10 can now model the solubility properties of H2S in liquid sulfur. The predicted concentration of the H2S content leaving the condenser is now available as part of the stream. The degasser model can report on liquid sulfur outlet density, thermal conductivity, viscosity, heat capacity, and surface tension
    Sulsim Training

    Get Started Now

     Interested in getting started? Aspen HYSYS has various resources including computer-based training, guides, videos and more. A converter is available for converting cases in Sulphur Expert’s Sulsim to Aspen HYSYS.


    What Customers are Saying
    “With Sulsim Sulfur Recovery in Aspen HYSYS, we can maintain one simulation solution with the precision and accuracy of Sulsim, but with the ease of use and broadness of Aspen HYSYS to significantly streamline our work, saving us time and effort. With added improvements that will allow us to optimize different scenarios and configurations for the Sulfur Recovery Unit, we can better address the needs of our clients.”
    Mauro A. Galbiati, Process Manager, Siirtec Nigi S.p.A.

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