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    Aspen Mtell can recognize unique data patterns as predictions of future equipment behavior. Patterns are learned and then used to constantly monitor the real-time process to detect recurrences of the signatures.


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    The competition is excited about a 75% alert success rate. We're not.

    You need something you can rely on. Every Mtell message is a truthful, early, accurate forecast you can trust that delivers good prescriptive advice, helping you take affirmative action.

    Get notified BEFORE the damage is done.

    Prescriptive Maintenance in Aspen Mtell® uses machine learning to prevent breakdowns, increase asset life, reduce maintenance costs and increase production output for any industrial process.

    Share the knowledge.

    Learned behaviors (normal, degradation and failure) captured on one machine are readily transferred to equipment of the same type with the same sensor configuration. After a very short retraining period, every machine shares the same safety and breakdown protection.

    Self-maintaining systems.

    When an anomaly is detected, Aspen Mtell dispatches alert notifications and requests for inspection. The results of inspection determines if the behavior is a failure signature or a new, normal operating state. The system trains itself to become smarter over time; learning and adapting to new asset operating conditions.
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