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  • Aspen OTS Framework

    Technology to configure and build Operator Training Simulator applications

    AspenTech has a rich heritage in the Operator Training Simulator (OTS) market and offers a single integrated platform for Process Training and Operator Training Simulators using best-in-class software components. This technology is used by a network of AspenTech partners to build and deploy Process Training and OTS applications for joint customers. Aspen OTS Framework is a core element of AspenTech's aspenONE® Engineering applications.


    • Dynamic Simulation Process Models are the core of an OTS application. Aspen HYSYS Dynamics and Aspen Plus Dynamics support modeling applications across the entire life-cycle of a plant, from steady-state design to offline engineering studies to on-line operational models.
    • Simulator Executive Framework provides a configuration mode used to set up all of the required data links between the dynamic model(s) and the other components of an OTS application. This framework also coordinates and synchronizes the integration of the dynamic models, and manages the exchange of stream data and commands between the various OTS components.
    • Data Communication Links handle the exchange of data and commands and is based on OPC technology. OPC, or OLE for Process Control, is an industry specification that defines a standard interface for allowing applications to access data from a variety of process control devices. OPC is fast and can handle the very large data transfer rates required for OTS applications.
    • Control and SCADA Emulators. Many software packages, often available from DCS vendors, can translate and emulate the plant's actual control strategies into modules that can be used within the OTS system without the need to buy a replicate DCS system, thus reducing the OTS cost significantly.
    • User Interfaces support different views of the application for operators, engineers, and training instructors. For operators, the OTS application should look and behave like the actual plant's control system. Operator training simulators either use the actual DCS console connected to the training simulator or an emulation of the operator's console. The instructor station allows an instructor to interact with the training simulator while the operator is being trained.


    Over 200 OTS applications have been built using AspenTech solutions. AspenTech's next-generation OTS solution leverages proven technologies with new software advancements.

    • Improve safety and reduce risk while maximizing the value of process models in operations throughout the plant lifecycle.
    • A single integrated offering for Process Trainers/OTS using best-in-class software components provides an optimum solution to meet training requirements.
    • Supports the partitioning and configuration of a large, dynamic process model across multiple CPUs to improve performance through faster solution times.
    • Technology offered through partners with expertise in specific vertical and geographical markets provides a truly comprehensive solution to customers.
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