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  • Perform all key refinery scheduling activities from within Aspen Petroleum Scheduler™


    Aspen Petroleum Scheduler is an event-based, single blend optimization application that supports the key scheduling activities for a refinery. This comprehensive scheduling application includes dock and pipeline movements for global refineries, and is integrated with Aspen PIMS™ and Aspen Refinery Multi-Blend Optimizer to achieve greater profitability through an integrated refinery planning and scheduling solution.

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    aspenONE Petroleum Supply Chain Resource Center

    Looking for ways to improve profit margins?

    Visit our NEW aspenONE® Petroleum Supply Chain Resource Center and learn how Aspen Petroleum Scheduler and Aspen Refinery Multi-Blend Optimizer™ improve schedule visibility, while helping to reduce product quality giveaway and meet all product specifications. Schedulers can now discover the full power of an advanced scheduling solution.
    Extend the petroleum supply chain to include pipeline optimization and dock operations.

    Gain a comprehensive view of the refinery schedule.

    Extend the refinery scheduling envelope beyond the refinery gate to include pipeline movements and dock operations. Increase agility and perform all key scheduling activities within the same platform!
    Increase refinery schedule visibility with pipeline fill scheduling simulation

    Track crude and product movements via pipelines.

    Aspen Petroleum Scheduler accurately tracks incoming and outgoing movements via pipelines down to ancillary terminals, enabling more accurate crude unit scheduling. Easily manage multiple and bi-directional pipeline segments with injection points and pipeline fill.
    Manage dock operations with ship scheduling automation

    Manage incoming and outgoing shipments.

    Automate dock scheduling by taking all unassigned ships and automatically assign each to a legal berth—taking into account constraints and economic feasibility, as well as the physical characteristics of both ships and berths.
    small plan vs schedule

    View the refinery plan and schedule side-by-side.

    For the first time ever, visualize the refinery plan and schedule in the same platform.
    aspenONE PIMS Platinum allows planners and schedulers to easily identify and quickly react to gaps between the plan and schedule for better alignment.
    Better schedule visibility for comprehensive refinery planning and scheduling

    Integrate planning, scheduling, and blending.

    Aspen Petroleum Scheduler provides a comprehensive model of the refinery and tools for model maintenance. It shares common assays, production targets, process unit representations, and blending correlations with Aspen PIMS. Integrated refinery planning and scheduling increases efficiency and improves accuracy.
    Perform and execute all key scheduling activities from within the same refinery schedule software

    Perform one-stop scheduling.

    Aspen Petroleum Scheduler is an event-based, single blend optimization application that supports the scheduling of activities - including dock and pipeline movements - for global refineries.  It integrates with Aspen PIMS and Aspen Refinery Multi-Blend Optimizer to achieve greater profitability through integrated refinery planning and scheduling.
    Collaborative scheduling and enhanced scenario analysis through scheduling automation

    Streamline workflow with multi-user collaborative scheduling.

    Aspen Petroleum Scheduler allows multiple users to work simultaneously on the schedule with automated alerts to changes. Graphic environment supports enhanced scenario analysis of potential changes and the impact on operations.

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