Batch Data Management - Product Genealogy I Aspen Production Record Manager
  • Optimize Production Quality and Profitability

    Designed for both batch and continuous processes, Aspen Production Record Manager software provides easy and fast segmentation of production data into batches, campaigns or other logical groupings for easier analysis and production reporting.

    Aspen Production Record Manager
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    This example shows all batches between September 28-30 with a specific purity and average temperature during the reaction phase.

    Easily analyze production runs.

    Quickly locate specific records, campaigns, or lots based on process data, equipment used, or other characteristics.
    Compare and contrast different campaigns or production runs.

    Pinpoint problems faster.

    Quickly track, trend, and analyze all data (process, lab, manual) related to any process defined by a start/end time. Compile and overlay all data, enabling the user to quickly visualize and assess the root cause of production problems.
    Trace issues back to specific batch components with attribute level genealogy.

    Limit liability and product loss.

    Native forensic genealogy quickly identifies all products impacted by a defect or quality issue. Attribute level tracing enables you to assess what happened during past production runs and identify root causes of product quality differences.
    Easily view planned (gold) versus actual (blue) production.

    Run batches during best possible conditions.

    Gantt charting enables you to visualize batch operations, including batch phases, steps and equipment details. Easily get the information you need to determine if the operation is running as planned and how well equipment is being utilized.
    Aspen Production Record Manager provides easy segmentation of production data supporting audits, compliance reporting and product genealogy.

    Analyze, store, and retrieve data with greater efficiency.

    Provides easy and fast segmentation of production data into batches, campaigns or other logical grouping for easier analysis and production reporting.
    The new Aspen Production Record Manager 64-bit provides enterprise-scale data segmentation.

    64-bit platform support

    Aspen Production Record Manager 64-bit organizes manufacturing process information to provide monitoring and analysis. And with a 64-bit version, it's now more powerful than ever.

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