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  • Aspen Distillation Synthesis

    Simplifies the synthesis of complex non-ideal distillation systems

    Aspen Distillation Synthesis enables rapid conceptual design of distillation schemes for the separation of chemical mixtures with non-ideal vapor-liquid equilibrium. Engineers and chemists can use Aspen Distillation Synthesis to reveal the limits of feasible separations for individual columns and to design advanced distillation schemes for the separation of such mixtures. Aspen Distillation Synthesis is a core element of AspenTech's aspenONE® Engineering applications.


    • Fully integrated into Aspen Plus®: Adds separation analysis tools and a conceptual distillation unit operation model to the Aspen Plus model library.
    • Rigorous Column Simulations: The Aspen Distillation Synthesis conceptual distillation model can be used in the Aspen Plus flowsheeting environment and can seamlessly initialize rigorous column simulations with its design results.
    • Graphical Analysis Tools: Includes ternary maps to help engineers visualize distillation boundaries, residue curves, and identify azeotropes.
    • Design Advanced Distillation Schemes: Aspen Distillation Synthesis helps engineers verify separation feasibility, calculate minimum number of theoretical stages for the separation, and identify optimal feed locations for complex separation processes.


    The distillation synthesis technology in Aspen Distillation Synthesis, used together with Aspen Plus, enables engineers to develop the best distillation designs, even for complex, highly non-ideal systems that are found in chemical and specialty chemical plants.

    The ability to visualize the physical constraints of the separation process helps engineers to systematically generate better design alternatives more quickly, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

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