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  • Shift to a Faster, Easier Way to Make Grade Changes.

    Efficient Grade Transitions are a must for profitable operations. With Aspen Process Sequencer and Aspen Process Recipe, best practices in transition management can be captured and uniformly implemented across all operations.

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    Transition Plan sm

    Easily manage complex transition strategies.

    Consistency of transitions across all locations, shifts, and operators is more crucial than ever. With Aspen Process Sequencer, you can easily manage grade changes, even for the most complex processes.
    Recipe Explorer

    Manage complex recipes—per site or enterprise-wide.

    Aspen Process Recipe makes it easy to create and store sets of operating parameters for each product. Factors are automatically downloaded to the control devices to configure the production line and manage complex interdependencies during operation.
    Share sm

    Make site-wide modifications, hassle-free.

    Modifications made at the site level can easily be pushed to all shared recipes with ease.  Creating and managing recipes across the enterprise was never easier.


    Planned Task List sm

    Synchronize everything in one place.

    Operators stay informed and synchronized with transition plans using task lists, timed instructions, progress indicators, confirmation of manual readings, and monitoring of abnormal conditions that require alternative actions.

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