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    Optimize energy performance in real-time to provide consistent and timely responses to process disruptions

    Aspen Utilities Operations provides advice on how to supply energy demands at the lowest cost by modeling process unit energy demands and utility equipment performance using real-time plant information. Optimization results are delivered to the operator in terms of specific changes that are needed. Aspen Utilities Operations is a core element of AspenTech’s Energy Management applications.


    • Combines non-linear simulation based on Aspen Custom Modeler® with a mixed-integer, linear-programming optimizer to provide recommendations for the optimal configuration and load for the utilities plant
    • Plant utilities optimization is driven to minimum cost operation based on user-defined constraints, which can reflect multi-tier gas or electricity supply contracts, equipment availability, or emission limits
    • Library of models specifically developed for utility systems, which can be tuned to reflect the actual performance of a unit on an operating site
    • A modeling environment that enables graphical flowsheet construction and provides a powerful set of solution techniques for steady-state, non-linear simulation, parameter estimation, and data reconciliation
    • Identifies how to most profitably operate sites, reducing average and maximum demand and taking advantage of the tariff structure of the contract while staying within contract constraints
    • Assists site operators in evaluating tariffs, demand charges, and punitive penalties
    • Manages utilities consumption within the terms of the contract

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    • Drive optimal utilities system operations, in real-time
    • React consistently to process disruptions, outside the established plan
    • Offer advice to operators on specific actions to reduce energy costs
    • Provide set points to control systems for closed-loop optimization
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