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  • It's All About the Numbers.

    aspenONE® Process Explorer Analytics is a family of analytical, visualization and operational intelligence solutions designed for the way you work today. Just connect via any web-enabled device supporting HTML5 and make smarter, faster decisions to optimize your plant.

    aspenONE Process Explorer Analytics
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    OEE Drill-down sm

    Understand the Performance of Your Assets with OEE.

    Get a deeper understanding of asset performance with Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
    Individuals Control Chart

    Ad Hoc SPC via the Web

    Test the sensitivity of different chart types. Evaluate different control limits. Create custom alarm rules. Did we mention how fast it is?
    aspenONE Process Explorer Analytics

    Templates for Commonly Used Statistical Quality Control Charts

    Time is the one thing we all need a little more of. With the SQC chart templates, you can quickly assess variability and still have time for that second cup of coffee.
    Batch Plot sm

    Get a Handle on Batch Variability

    aspenONE Process Explorer delivers a rich set of tools for batch visualization. Query Aspen Production Record Manager, add and persist comments, and overlay alarms and events. Within-batch, batch-to-batch and over time, aspenONE Process Explorer gives you a complete view of batch variability.

    Frequency Charts sm

    Frequency and Pareto Charts in a Flash

    Use the new chart templates to quickly create frequency and Pareto charts to visualize data distributions and rank discrete data.
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