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    Context can significantly enhance process analysis and troubleshooting. With aspenONE® Process Explorer you can create that context by combining process measurements, product characteristics, alarms, events and unstructured data for a complete view of production.

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    A1PE Flow Chart

    KPI Hierarchies in aspenONE Process Explorer

    Explore the new KPI Hierarchy to gain real-time perspective of the most severe alarms over an entire site.  Trace through the hierarchy to determine the source of alarms with the purpose of assessing the cause.


    New pattern recognition and discovery tools.

    aspenONE Process Explorer now boasts pattern recognition and discovery -- powerful tools to analyze a situation or event in process data history.  Match all instances of a selected pattern or automatically discover unique patterns that repeat over a specified period of process history.

    Be the first to know when a KPI is in alarm.

    Create alarms based on certain behavior and easily send a notification to signal an alarm condition.  For example, be alerted when the shortfall between forecasted inventory levels and actual production reaches a certain threshold.
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    Rich visualization, blazingly fast, and no client-side software to manage.

    aspenONE Process Explorer is the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way yet of accessing and analyzing tag data, characteristics and unstructured data using the most innovative operations data visualization platform on the market -in a web application with desktop power and performance. 
    Batch Plot sm

    Get a handle on batch variability.

    aspenONE Process Explorer delivers a rich set of tools for batch visualization. Query Aspen Production Record Manager, add and persist comments, and overlay alarms and events. Within-batch, batch-to-batch and over time, aspenONE Process Explorer gives you a complete view of batch variability. 


    Process Graphics small

    Easily migrate Process Browser graphics.

    Migrating graphics content is easy. There are simple built-in conversion tools. In just a couple of mouse clicks aspenONE Process Explorer will import your existing Aspen Process Browser graphics.

    OEE Drill-down sm

    Discover aspenONE Process Explorer Analytics™.

    Improving asset effectiveness begins with effective bench marking to set performance baselines and rank assets to prioritize improvement priorities. Overall Equipment Effectiveness tracks asset availability, utilization and product quality.
    Dashboard Templates small

    Build dashboards in a flash.

    Configure dashboards in mere minutes with a set of layout templates for simple and quick configuration. Quickly access your favorite trends, tag lists and graphics with Tabbed Content templates.
    Expanded Search sm

    Looking for Something? aspenONE Search can help!

    aspenONE Search goes beyond just finding tags. You can also search for saved trends and graphics by their names or by the tags that they contain. Use S95 aliases to facilitate data discovery and add context by searching and including data from Aspen Production Record Manager records.
    What Customers are Saying
    “We are very confident that we can get more value out of our existing Trends and Process Graphics by bringing them together in the new aspenONE Process Explorer. The backwards-compatibility of the new product enables us to do that quickly. aspenONE Process Explorer is really fast and the HTML5-based architecture eliminates client-side installs reducing our Total Cost of Ownership. We plan for many of our users to start using it right away.”
    Nils-Petter Nytzen - Perstorp

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