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  • Distillation Column Analytics

    What's going on inside your distillation columns?

    “AspenTech’s new Asset Analytics contains a unique set of modeling and data science-based technologies. Utilizing the additional process insight available from this promising new software solution brings with it the potential to operate closer to the true flooding limit on this tower. For a world scale olefins unit, this would be worth millions of dollars per year.”
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    Burping, weeping - is this the way your assets should behave?

    Bring a little more civilized behavior to your assets. Aspen Asset AnalyticsTM provides prescriptive guidance to keep your assets in the prime operating region.

    Flying blind isn't a manufacturing best practice.

    However, deeper insights, advanced notice and specialized guidance are.

    The light you see is the train coming at you.

    Aspen Root Cause Analytic uses predictive technologies to spot upset events in their early formation, helping you find the source and fix it fast.

    If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then Pattern Matching is worth a fortune.

    Many production problems can be identified by the "signatures" in the process data. Aspen Pattern Matching keeps a constant eye out for early signs of trouble.
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