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  • Design Better Polymerization Processes Faster.

    Aspen Polymers® is the market-leading, first-principles polymer modeling technology for accurate and reliable simulation and optimization of polymer processes.

    Aspen Polymers
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    Model the whole Polymer Process.

    Aspen Polymers adds content to Aspen Plus, Aspen Plus Dynamics, and Aspen Custom Modeler, including physical property data, phase equilibria models, polymer characterization, and reaction kinetic schemes. Model a wide range of polymer processes, including polyolefins, polyesters, polyamides, and more. Polymer process modeling in Aspen Plus has been extended so that polymers and oligomers can be treated like solids under their melting points.

    Use polymerization kinetics to improve throughput.

    Aspen Polymers includes the most comprehensive set of polymerization kinetic schemes available on the market for polymer modeling. Built-in kinetics include step-growth condensation, free radical (bulk/solutions), emulsion polymerization, Ziegler-Natta/metallocene polymerization, ionic polymerization, and power law for polymers. User-defined reactions for polymer modeling can be included to account for new or unusual chemistries.

    Improve process understanding with polymer characterization.

    Use Aspen Technology’s patented technology for polymer characterization. Track the evolution of molecular weight distribution and molecular properties important for polymer process modeling, such as number weight average, polydispension index, long and short-chain branching, pendant and terminal double bonds, tacticity, head-to-head links, head-to-tales links, and dyads.

    Save Energy Costs with Solids Modeling in Aspen Plus.

    The Polymer Process Modeling Capabilities of Aspen Plus have been extended so that polymers (and oligomers) can be treated as solids below their melting points— allowing users to model the entire polymer process including drying and dewatering.

    Evaluate grade transition strategies and improve safety.

    Aspen Polymers is fully integrated with Aspen Plus, Aspen Plus Dynamics, and Aspen Custom Modeler for the most comprehensive polymer process modeling.  Evaluate capital and operating costs, size equipment, and analyze energy efficiency during polymer process modeling.
    Aspen Polymers links with Aspen Properties databases that include physical property data for initiators and polymer segments.

    Utilize the world’s largest database for physical properties.

    Aspen Polymers has access to Aspen Properties, the world’s most comprehensive physical property database for process development including polymer modeling. Employ state-of-the-art polymer activity coefficient models and equations of state, including extensive databases of polymer segments, initiators, and phase equilibrium parameters, helpful for polymer process modeling and polymer characterization.
    Polymers Industrial Applications

    Gain value from industrial applications.

    Industrial applications of polymer process modeling with Aspen Polymers include: polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE), polypropylene (PP), polyesters (PET, PBT, etc.), Nylons (66, 6, etc.), polycarbonate, vinyls, polystyrene, polylactic acid, and more.

    Access helpful resources.

    Aspen Polymers includes many examples of polymer process modeling available directly within Aspen Plus via aspenONE Exchange or with the examples provided with the product. Get started with polymer modeling and polymer characterization with tracking of molecular weight distribution.
    What Customers are Saying
    “We look forward to taking our polymer simulations to the next level with the enhanced ability to model solid polymers. This new innovation will allow us to optimize the entire process by creating a better representation of the solids section.”
    Maryam Khodadadian, Research Engineer, SABIC Limburg B.V.

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