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  • Achieve Energy Optimization, Keep Costs Down Site-Wide. 

    Use Aspen Utilities Planner to create an integrated energy optimization and management system, improve site energy decision-making, and optimize process utilities.

    Optimize process utilities of a project utilizing process utilities software. 2
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    Utility management software enables various scenarios to be compared to optimize process utilities.

    Construct simulations in graphical modeling environment.

    The library of models in AspenTech’s Process Utility Software, Aspen Utilities Planner, has been specially developed for utility consuming systems to achieve energy optimization.  With process utility software, equipment blocks and process streams can be visually placed to provide utility diagrams.  Quickly reconfigure and estimate different scenarios compared to the preliminary utilities equipment layout to optimize process utilities.

    Reduce energy usage of a system through process with process utility software.

    Reach energy optimization around constraints.

    AspenTech’s Process Utility Software, achieves energy optimization by calculating a utilities forecast based on actual and future production demand while considering penalties, peak demand charges, and load factor contract clauses to best achieve energy optimization of a process.  With process utility software users can optimize process utilities while accounting for operational, economic, and environmental constraints.

    Process Utility Software can be used in combination with Microsoft Escel to best optimize process utilities.

    Simplify use with Microsoft Excel add-in.

    AspenTech’s Process Utility Software features a loadable add-in enabling the user to work in concert with Microsoft Excel to simulate, reconcile, and optimize process utilities in a flowsheet.  The add-in provides a spreadsheet environment through which model execution results can be imported and interpolated to achieve energy optimization resulting in the ability to optimize process utilities.

    Use real-time data to make the most informed decision on how to best optimize process utilities.

    Provide online operational support in real time.

    The Online Optimizer feature connects a model to a real-time data historian and uses collected operating data to construct an enhanced 24/7 operation model.  The results can be displayed in any plant information system to provide plant operators real-time guidance on how to optimize process utilities operation with lowest utility cost.

    Learn the best practices to optimize process utilities utilizing utility management software.

    Reduce the learning curve with Online Training.

    Online training aimed to optimize process utilities with Aspen Utilities Planner includes 18 tutorials and example files to get started operating the program and the Microsoft Excel add-in.  Topics include modeling, reconciliation, and energy optimization of processes.

    Utilizing AspenTech's Process Utility Software enables users to work in conjunction with a full suite of process engineering tools.

    Integrate with other aspenONE solutions.

    Aspen Utilities Planner can be used in conjunction with many other products in the aspenONE family, such as Aspen HYSYS, AspenPlus, Aspen PIMS, and more using the Microsoft Excel interface.  The integration between these products facilitates data exchange with Aspen Utilities Planner to achieve energy optimization and expedite the model development and data collection processes.

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    Automatically generate model reports in HTML and Excel Workbook.

    Model reports can be generated automatically in both HTML and Excel format, and then printed for review. This feature enables users to quickly verify the key model inputs and outputs, as well as the high level utilities balances of the overall sites. Users can quickly customize the Excel reports into the desirable format based on the generated Excel solutions. Overall reporting functions in Aspen Utilities Planner significantly improve engineering productivity, particularly with EPC users.  

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