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    Learn about our flexible and unique licensing options.

    Businesses of all sizes can gain access to the entire aspenONE Engineering suite of products—either using our New Commercial Model or with desktop packages for small and medium businesses. Universities can also license AspenTech software for student education and research. To learn more, click the link below or contact
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    Evaluate key aspenONE Engineering software online.

    Easily perform an evaluation of key AspenTech products on your own via our web-based service—no installations, license management, or dedicated PCs required.
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    Request your product upgrade now.

    Already an Aspen Technology customer? You may be eligible for a free upgrade—contact us today to find out.
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    Reduce deployment time for aspenONE Engineering.

    aspenONE Engineering products are easy to install—both for end users, as well as IT professionals completing silent installs for large groups. Learn more about deployment solutions, including tools and best practice guides.

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