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    The Manual of Drying Technology is now nearing the end of the conversion and expansion process. In a few cases, existing State of the Art Reports (SAR's) and Design Reports (DR's) are still current and are not scheduled for immediate conversion, but have been incorporated into the manual structure.

    The overall layout is as follows. Volume I is the Introduction to Drying Technology giving an overview of the fundamental principles, techniques and equipment for drying. Volume II is on dryer selection. Volumes III-VIII cover each of the main types of dryer, including equipment, theory and design methods. Volumes IX and X cover aspects specific to the material being dried, such as kinetics (drying rates), equilibria and product quality. Volume XI is a generic survey of operational aspects including control, instrumentation and troubleshooting. Finally Volumes XII and XIII cover experimental techniques and research results.

    Volume Dry I Introduction
    Volume Dry II Drying selection
    Volume Dry III Fluidised bed drying
    Volume Dry IV Rotary drying
    Volume Dry V Spray drying
    Volume Dry VI Pneumatic conveying drying
    Volume Dry VII Layer and contact drying
    Volume Dry VIII Radio frequency & microwave drying
    Volume Dry IX Drying kinetics and equilibria
    Volume Dry X Product quality and solids properties
    Volume Dry XI Dryer operations
    Volume Dry XII Experimental techniques and recommended procedures

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