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  • Applied Rheology

    The Applied Rheology Process Manual contains 6 volumes covering aspects of industrial rheology, covering:

    • Rheology fundamentals.
    • Summary of typical data for wide range of industrial materials.
    • Estimation of viscosity data.
    • Review of, and recommended procedures for, five widely-used viscometric geometries for viscosity and flow curve measurement.
    • Estimation of shear rate and shear stress for specific industrial applications to ensure relevance of viscosity and flow measurement with respect to application.
    • Review of flow curve models and fitting data to selected model.
    • Yield stress definition, measurement and application.
    • Definitions of time-dependent flow behaviour.
    • Review of, and recommendations for, methods for measuring and modelling thixotropy.
    • Description of linear and non-linear viscoelasticity, including transient dynamic properties (creep compliance, recoil function, stress relaxation modulus, stress growth coefficient and stress decay coefficient) and oscillatory dynamic properties (complex rigidity modulus, complex shear viscosity, complex shear compliance and loss tangent).
    • Normal stress and elongational (extensional) viscosity.
    • Review and selection of commercially-available laboratory and on-line viscometers and rheometers.
    • Review of commercially-available index viscometers and possible applications.
    • Effect of key physical and chemical properties on suspension, polymer and emulsion rheology.
    • Use of rheology as a tool for process engineering design, plant troubleshooting, quality control and product formulation.
    • Industrial case studies on use of rheological data.

    Volume RH IIntroduction to Applied Rheology
    Volume RH IIViscosity
    Volume RH VIIIInstrumentation
    Volume RH XIIRheological applications
    Volume RH XIIIRecommended Procedures
    Volume RH XIVResearch Reports

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