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    The treatment of industrial wastewaters is a major separations issue which faces all sectors of the process and manufacturing industries. Its unique challenges include a ‘product’ which often has a negative value, and can be of very variable composition; and drivers for separation technology which are as often legislative as economic. In the face of these challenges, the engineer is faced with a bewildering array of separations options, some very traditional others ‘high-tech’. He or she needs a logical framework for process evaluation and selection, combined with sufficiently detailed knowledge to be an informed purchaser of technology.

    These objectives are met through the EpSelon product, which consists of a discursive expert system ‘EpSelon.Expert’, an in-depth knowledge base ‘EpSelon.Ebase’ and a unit operations summary costing program ‘EpSelon.Costing’.

    A one-day intensive foundation course in Wastewater Treatment is also offered, and companies may opt for an in-house course or may send staff to an open course.

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