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  • aspenONE® Advanced Process Control for Chemicals

    Enable manufacturers to optimize plant operations and maximize the profitability of operating assets while meeting safety, environmental and product quality constraints

    aspenONE Advanced Process Control for Chemicals enables companies to improve product quality, reduce energy and raw material usage, increase overall operational efficiency, and increase throughput, while keeping the process between safe limits of reliable operation. Additional benefits include standardization of processes and consistent use of best practices, ensuring higher operational stability and reduced maintenance requirements, resulting in sustained long-term value.

    Companies using aspenONE Advanced Process Control for Chemicals can achieve bottom-line benefits that generate ROI in months instead of years.

    aspenONE Advanced Process Control forChemicals is comprised of the following:

    • Aspen DMCplus is the industry-leading linear controller engine used to keep the process at optimally determined setpoints. Aspen DMCplus has been successfully applied to virtually every linear control problem in the bulk chemicals industry. The easy-to-use graphical interface allows operators to visualize all key process operations in a single screen and efficiently manage and interact with the controller.
    • Aspen Inferential Qualities enables modeling and implementation of inferred product qualities, and makes it possible to implement linear or non-linear inferential sensors on-line. Inferential sensors are fundamental elements of many advanced process control systems. Key parameters (such as naphtha 95% point and polymer melt index) are often inferred rather than directly measured.
    • Aspen Performance Monitor provides built-in controller KPIs along with the ability to define and implement KPIs for loop and process monitoring. Aspen Performance Monitor provides drill-down capabilities to quickly identify the source of eroding performance.
    • Aspen Automated Process Tester provides corrective action features that automate step testing for the purpose of collecting new process data for model building. The Aspen Automated Process Tester is implemented as a controller so all step testing occurs while observing all constraints.
    • Aspen Adaptive Modeling automates the maintenance lifecycle of a controller by providing the ability to collect historical data, automate calculations for data cleaning, schedule online model quality assessments, and assess model quality, model diagnostics and online model identification for standard and custom KPIs. Aspen Adaptive Modeling is a core element of aspenONE Advanced Process Control applications.

    aspenONE Advanced Process Control for Chemicals delivers: 

    • Reduced product quality variation by up to 75% through improved process inferentials, leading to better control and understanding of the process
    • Increased yield of high value products and overall capacity by up to 10% through improved operations KPI visibility of controller performance
    • Reduced energy consumption by up to 10% by maintaining operations within desired limits or at desired targets


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