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    Profitably deliver what the customer wants, when they want it-and do it at a competitive price.

    Manufacturers are finding it is very difficult to deliver what their customers want, when they want it, and to do so in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible. To address the challenge, investments are being made in various technologies to anticipate, view, and shape demand, as well as to more effectively orchestrate the supply network. While these tools help align and coordinate the various components of the supply network, they do little to help improve overall manufacturing operations.

    "Becoming a demand-driven manufacturer requires rethinking integration of manufacturing into enterprise and supply network business processes, the right metrics, and enterprise manufacturing intelligence and agile execution architectures."-Simon Jacobson, Senior Research Analyst, AMR Research Inc.

    Demand Driven Manufacturing
    The business processes involved in the supply network, from customer demand to product delivery (click image to enlarge) 

    AspenTech is a recognized leader in the process industries for its process optimization solutions and its ability to provide manufactures the "real-time," relevant, and actionable information they need to continuously improve manufacturing operations. In addition, our integrated solutions allow you to quickly integrate manufacturing into enterprise and supply network business processes and realize the value of being a demand-driven manufacturer.

    AspenTech Enables Demand-Driven Manufacturing
    AspenTech solutions provide plant operators and management with the information and intelligence they need to:

    • Create a plant production schedule that optimizes the many trade-offs associated with competing business objectives such as high customer service, low inventories, minimal setup and changeover cost, high asset utilization, and optimal raw material utilization
    • Better understand, manage, control, and optimize process operations to ensure consistent batches of high-quality product at the lowest total cost possible

    With AspenTech solutions you can improve the performance and profitability of your plant operation and achieve manufacturing excellence.

    • Plan, schedule, and make day-to-day/minute-by-minute operating decisions in a manner that optimizes the various operational and business trade-offs
    • Capture "real-time" data from many disparate sources throughout the operational and planning environment (ERP, lab and quality systems, shop floor control systems, etc.)
    • Visualize, monitor, and analyze the "real-time" data from both an operations and a business perspective
    • Visualize and present "real-time," relevant, and actionable information to the user based on their role and in a manner that provides just the information they need to make better decisions and take immediate action to correct the issue before it is out of compliance
    • Rapidly communicate production information to the ERP system as well as the Supply, Inventory, and Distribution Planning solutions
    • Electronically capture, manage, monitor, and enforce the execution of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and recipes
    • Automatically capture product genealogy (tracking and tracing)
    • Analyze historic and "real-time" data to identify continuous process improvement opportunities
    • Monitor and control plant utilities to help minimize energy consumption and improve operational sustainability

    Benefits include:

    • Improve customer service
    • Improve throughput and operational agility
    • Improve production yields and quality
    • Reduce equipment downtime and increase availability
    • Improve sustainability
    • Reduce energy consumption, emissions, and carbon footprint
    • Support "green" initiatives that minimize raw material usage and waste
    • Improve compliance to health and safety regulations
    • Reduce product liability risks
    • Increase inventory turns and improve profitability

    AspenTech's solutions for building a demand-driven enterprise enable you to manage these key business processes:

    • Plant Scheduling -- Significantly improve plant utilization and optimize the use of production resources, including equipment, personnel and raw materials.
    • Production Management & Execution -- Significantly improve plant utilization and optimize the use of production resources, including equipment, personnel and raw materials.
    • Energy Management -- Reduce operating expenses and support "green" initiatives, reduce your carbon footprint by reducing and better managing energy consumption.
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