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    Provides enterprise-wide visibility and control over your industrial operations-from process development, engineering, and scale-up to manufacturing execution and supply chain management

    AspenTech's integrated solutions for the Consumer Products industry are designed to help you achieve operational excellence. Through solutions that help you optimize the process design, production schedule, and execution of your key production processes, companies are able to:

    • Maximize margins by:
      • Improving operational efficiency (throughput, equipment utilization and availability, process yield, and quality)
      • Improving supply chain efficiency (customer service, inventory turns, lower raw material and logistic costs)
    • Rapidly innovate and implement process improvements:
      • Rapidly revamp existing processes
      • Quickly design, build, and ramp-up new plants and equipment
    • Reduce energy usage and emissions
    • Reduce heath, safety, and environmental liability and risk (tracking and traceability of genealogy throughout the process, ensure compliance to SOPs)
    • Improve compliance to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and government regulations
    • Become a demand-driven manufacturer

    The integrated solutions address key challenges associated with three major business areas in the Consumer Products industry:

    • Engineering: Rapidly innovate new processes utilizing a consistent set of data, simulation models, and analysis tools. Reduce development time and costs while optimizing the operational performance throughout the asset lifecycle.
    • Plant Operations: Manage and optimize plant performance with an integrated set of solutions that let you gain control of your manufacturing assets. Visualize and analyze your operations from a business perspective, and start making day-to-day operating decisions that improve the profitability of your overall enterprise.
    • Supply Chain Management: Understand how your supply chain decisions will impact your business by modeling the complex interactions among orders, production, inventory, and distribution.

    Achieve Operational Excellence

    AspenTech's solutions for the Consumer Products industry enable you to integrate the applications you use to manage your plant operations into a single, unified system. This system automatically updates data and readjusts production schedules, inventory, and distribution plans to reflect the latest market demand. Instead of fragmented plans, you can immediately visualize and manage operational issues across multiple assets and locations. Equally important, these solutions tie operational responses to profit so that users can analyze different scenarios and see how their decision will impact the bottom line before committing to a course of action. The result is true operational excellence.

    Maximize the Value of Your Investment

    The value can be maximized by working in partnership with AspenTech's Professional Services team and/or one of AspenTech's System Integration Partners. Our services team and partners have deep industry domain expertise and a proven track record for implementing projects on time and within budget, providing you with a low-risk, high-return way to implement your AspenTech solutions.

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