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    AspenTech's Plant Operations solutions provide information and intelligence to help you schedule, manage, control, and optimize plant operation, enabling you to improve the performance and profitability of your plant and achieve manufacturing excellence.

    These solutions drive operational excellence by helping you:

    • Capture "real-time" data from many disparate sources throughout the operational and planning environment (ERP, lab and quality systems, shop floor control systems, etc.)
    • Visualize, monitor, and analyze the "real-time" data from both an operations and a business perspective
    • Visualize and present information to users based on their specific roles helping them make better, faster decisions
    • Plan, schedule, and make day-to-day/minute-by-minute operating decisions in a manner that optimizes the various operational and business trade-offs
    • Electronically capture, manage, monitor, and enforce the execution of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and recipes
    • Automatically capture product genealogy (track and trace)
    • Analyze historic and "real-time" data to identify continuous process improvement opportunities

    Benefits include: 

    • Improve throughput and operational agility
    • Improve production yields and quality
    • Reduce equipment downtime and increase availability
    • Improve energy management /reduce energy consumption
    • Support "green" initiatives, better manage and reduce emissions, reduce carbon footprint
    • Improve compliance to health and safety regulations
    • Reduce product liability risks
    • Improve customer service
    • Increase inventory turns

    AspenTech's Plant Operations solutions help you manage these key business processes:

    • Energy Management - Reduce operating expenses and support "green" initiatives, reduce your carbon footprint by reducing and better managing energy consumption
    • Production Management & Execution - Drive operational excellence through an integrated suite of MES solutions to monitor, control, and analyze manufacturing operations
    • Planning & Scheduling - Improve operational efficiency through improved planning and scheduling of the production and distribution process, providing the agility to respond to changing market demands and emerging opportunities

    Support "Green" Initiatives While Lowering Operating Costs and Energy Consumption

    AspenTech Solutions for Consumer Products enable you to design processes that consume less energy, reduce emissions, and decrease the amount of virgin raw material required to produce the product. In addition, you can leverage the solutions to ensure that operational personnel follow the process in an environmentally friendly, cost-effective manner.

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