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    AspenTech's Engineering solutions utilize a consistent set of data, simulation models, and analysis tools to rapidly innovate new production processes, reduce process development and equipment design time and costs, as well as optimize operational performance throughout the asset lifecycle.

    The use of consistent simulation and data models for all engineering efforts throughout the asset lifecycle allows you to:

    • Determine the fundamental feasibility of the process during the conceptual design phase
    • Quickly explore and optimize the equipment investment vs. lifecycle performance trade-offs
    • Consider energy efficiency as an integral part of the design process
    • Collaborate cross-functionally across the process development workflow by sharing, leveraging, and managing information, data, and models in a common integrated environment
    • Create processes and equipment that are truly designed for manufacturing performance excellence (throughput, yields, product quality and consistency, etc.)
    • Reduce the total lifecycle costs and improve operational performance of the process, equipment, and plant

    Key business processes supported are:

    • Process Modeling - Model and optimize production processes using an integrated environment for process flowsheet simulation
    • Conceptual Engineering - Identify the optimal design concept and feasibility for your process by providing simulation tools, models, and data for analyzing individual segments of the process, as well as the process as a whole
    • Process Development - Support the work process and information requirements from R&D through full-scale production
    • Basic Engineering - Base decisions on consistent data and models while leveraging existing knowledge and expertise, no matter where they are physically located
    • Equipment Design & Rating - Manage capital and operating costs while improving process controllability by optimizing the design and rating of heat transfer systems
    • Cost Estimation - Rapidly and confidently evaluate capital investment projects early in the design process to understand the economic implications of engineering decisions
    • Operations Support - Optimize the performance of your manufacturing processes by using the same process model developed during the process design phas

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