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    AspenTech's Supply Chain Management solutions help you to become more agile and responsive in the face of increasing complexity, volatility, and competition by providing an integrated approach that lets you understand how your supply chain decisions will impact your business. Now you can manage greater product complexity as customers demand unique products and commercial packs for specific markets. In addition, you can better handle supply in an environment of shorter shelf lives and volatile demands, and reduce inventories without sacrificing your ability to deliver products to market.

    AspenTech's Supply Chain Management solutions help you manage these key business processes:

    • Collaborative Demand Management - Forecast more effectively and manage demand for your products
    • Distribution Scheduling - Create the lowest cost distribution schedule taking into account the relevant production and inventory information from across the organization
    • Dynamic Supply Chain Management - Maximize your supply chain agility by constantly balancing supply and demand on an enterprise-wide scale based on dynamic market conditions
    • Plant Planning & Scheduling - Determine the best short-term plant schedule and sequence of operations
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