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  • aspenONE® Operations for Exploration & Production

    Maximize operational effectiveness and improve profitability with real-time, asset-wide modeling, control, and operational visibility

    aspenONE Operations for Exploration & Production integrates processes and workflow, from production planning to sales. It enables companies to manage facilities with models and visualize operations performance in real-time. Having reliable data for real-time analysis provides consistent, actionable information to all Exploration & Production business team members and maximizes operational and financial performance.

    aspenONE Operations for Exploration & Production enables you to: 

    • Predict and manage the real-time operation of your assets
    • Standardize and replicate best practices for operational support and decision making
    • Operate and control your entire system safely, reliably, and profitably
    • Minimize production losses with fewer plant trips and upsets

    aspenONE Operations for Exploration & Production is built around the following families of products: 

    • Aspen InfoPlus.21 collects and stores large volumes of process data
    • Aspen Manufacturing Master Data Manager manages master data around processes and equipment
    • Aspen Role Based Visualization and Aspen IP.21 Process Browser provides visibility and delivers real-time information from multiple sources across the enterprise
    • Aspen Petroleum Scheduler provides inventory management within the field prior to sale
    • aspenONE Advanced Process Control controls the separation and gas processing facilities to achieve optimum throughput while maintaining safe operations


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