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  • aspenONE® Engineering for Exploration & Production

    Drive operational excellence and profitability through optimal process design and operations

    Solutions for gas processing of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons including shale gas

    aspenONE Engineering for Exploration & Production is an integrated lifecycle solution-from conceptual design to first oil and operations support-enabling you to model, build, and operate more competitive and reliable facilities to support field development. Companies are able to reduce costs, improve and optimize throughput, maintain safety, and achieve environmental stewardship.  

    aspenONE Engineering for Exploration & Production enables companies to: 

    • Reduce capital costs by 10-30% through simultaneous steady-state and dynamic process optimization, flare analysis, equipment design, and cost estimation
    • Reduce production operating costs by 2-5% by integrating simulation models with actual operating data for operations planning and decision support
    • Improve capital project execution and engineering efficiency by up to 30% by enabling multiple disciplines to work concurrently and execute projects globally on a 24/7 basis
    • Improve safety and operability through integrated design of process and control systems early in the asset lifecycle

    Companies can bring new facilities to market faster with a higher return on investment. During the design phase, process flow and process instrumentation diagrams and equipment data sheets can be digitally captured and made available for use throughout the asset lifecycle. In addition, you can improve asset performance through monitoring, de-bottlenecking, and revamps, quickly adapting to changing market conditions.

    aspenONE Engineering for Exploration and Production leverages industry-leading process engineering solutions: Aspen HYSYS family including Aspen HYSYS Dynamics and Aspen HYSYS Upstream, Aspen Energy Analyzer, Aspen Simulation Workbook, Aspen Online Deployment, Aspen Flare System Analyzer, Aspen Basic Engineering, Aspen Shell & Tube Exchanger, Aspen Air Cooled Exchanger, Aspen Process Economic Analyzer, and more.

    aspenONE Provides One Integrated Environment

    aspenONE™ Provides One Integrated Environment
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    More Efficient Engineering Design 

    • Screen multiple conceptual designs quickly
    • Select the most economic design alternative
    • Reduce conceptual engineering design time up to 30%
    • Reduce time to "first oil"

    Enhanced Support for Operations 

    • Improve understanding and decision making of asset operations
    • Increase reliability by reducing plant upsets and trips-up to 20% cost reduction
    • Optimize recovery and production rates-as much as 7%
    • Respond to field changes effectively over life of asset
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