AspenTech: End-To-End Optimization Solutions for Power Plants, Co-Generation and Renewable Energy Generating Stations.
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    Drive increased profitability by optimizing generating assets for maximum reliability and energy efficiency

    The power industry faces an unprecedented challenge. At a time of unstable fuel costs, historic environmental challenges, and industry structural changes, the world's demand for reliable electric power continues to grow. While much of the world's power infrastructure is aging, the industry must keep up with the need for more capacity and increased reliability and power quality - all while lowering environmental (GHG) impacts. Today's business and operational challenges are significantly more complex than ever before.

    AspenTech has built its reputation over the last 25 years on helping customers solve the most complex Design, Operations & Control, and Supply Chain challenges in the process industries. Our solutions bring together a combination of industry leading technology with cross-industry best practices to allow both Engineering & Construction companies and owner/operators to mitigate complexities and achieve their business objectives.

    AspenTech's key solutions for Power include:

    • Engineering: From Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and emission control systems to Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle(IGCC) and fuel cells, today's most advanced units are being designed by leading global engineering and construction firms using AspenTech's Engineering Suite. Owner/operators are also using these advanced tools to solve a number of today's challenges such as: maximizing reliability, improving and maintaining optimum energy efficiencies, optimizing startup and shutdown procedures, as well as modeling new advanced emission control systems before installation.
    • Operations & Control: Providing your operators with constant, relevant and actionable feedback is key to safe and profitable power generation. AspenTech's real-time plant and fleet operations systems support some of the world's largest and most complex units and fleets. Our advanced process control (APC) applications are being installed as an integral part of several advanced emissions and carbon capture systems, as well as being applied to existing assets to bring their operations to new levels of energy efficiency and reliability.
    • Co-Generation and Energy Management: Co-generation and energy management increases the level of complexity that a power station has to manage. Demand swings for electric power, as well as multiple process steam levels and emissions systems, all combine to increase the number of variables to consider in any optimization. Aspen Utilities Operations is an advanced modeling tool that is used as an online operations advisor as well as an off-line simulator by some of the largest co-generation facilities around the world. Energy efficiency increases are most often reported in the 2 to 8% range, with industry leaders reporting up to a 15% increase in energy efficiency!

    Identify your top challenges—and solve them. AspenTech brings industry leading technology together with a global partner network and cross industry best practices to deliver proven solutions to overcome these challenges and more.

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