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  • aspenONE® Advanced Process Control for Specialty Chemicals

    Enables consistent and safe manufacturing performance; maximizes operational agility and profitability

    aspenONE Advanced Process Control for Specialty Chemicals enables manufacturers to optimize production operations, providing greater agility in responding to market demands. The solution set enables process and product consistency by minimizing variability and facilitating consistent manufacturing execution with a solution that features both commercial and technical scalability. Companies deploying aspenONE Advanced Process Control for Specialty Chemicals realize significant improvements in performance and profitability. Benefits include increases in yield, reduction in quality variability, increases in throughput, and reduction in off-spec material losses.

    aspenONE Advanced Process Control for Specialty Chemicals is comprised of the following: 

    • Aspen Process Controller is the fully configurable model-based controller engine used to keep the process at optimally determined set points. Users can choose between three industry-leading control formulations including both linear and non-linear approaches. The easy-to-use graphical interface allows operators to visualize all key process operations in a single screen and efficiently manage and interact with the controller.
    • Aspen Inferential Qualities enables modeling and implementation of inferred product qualities, and makes it possible to implement linear or non-linear inferential sensors on-line. Inferential sensors are fundamental elements of many advanced process control systems. Key parameters (such as naphtha 95% point and polymer melt index) are often inferred rather than directly measured.  
    • Aspen Performance Monitor provides built-in controller KPIs along with the ability to define and implement KPIs for loop and process monitoring. Aspen Performance Monitor provides drill-down capabilities to quickly identify the source of eroding performance and corrective action features that automate step testing, data pre-processing, and new model identification.


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